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You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.
– Jon Kabat Zinn

2022 Programmes, Events & Workshops

40s Woman: The Life Hacks Series

Smooth out the bumps and enjoy the ride. Our 40s are a time of change but by making a few small positive adjustments you can not only feel better now but also take control and support your body for the future. After years where you may have been looking after others, surely now is the time to also look after yourself. Come and enjoy a morning or evening of discussions and take away ideas on nutrition, exercise and finding that daily joy. Relax in an intimate and cosy atmosphere with other like minded people and hear how to support your mind and body now, as well as for your future self.

The event will include:

  • Snacks, tea, coffee and for the evening guests a relaxing glass of something celebratory (see individual locations in booking for what’s included)
  • A gift bag ready for you to try out some of the ideas discussed at the event

Presentations and discussions led by myself (PT/Perimenopause Coach) and Genevieve Hallam (Nutrition Coach) on:

  • Why we feel differently in our 40s compared to our 20s and 30s
  • The Hacks:
      • Movement
      • Nutrition
      • Lifestyle

Book below: Max 14 (16 for Letchworth) tickets per event, Duration 90 minutes, Cost £45

Reviews from Previous Events:

“With so much health and fitness information out there it is hugely helpful to get excellent health information and practical advice tailored specifically to women my age. This is an essential workshop for the 40 something women. Highly recommend”

“Every morning I take my tea and a crumpet outside, sit in a garden chair and drink my tea like a mad old lady. There are many other aspects of the 40s Woman course which resonated and I have started to incorporate, but this one action has been a life changer”

Anna I just wanted to say thanks for a really enjoyable and interesting evening. It was relatable, engaging and I learnt loads. Also the discussion within and being physically in a group is in itself so supportive – part of the feelings of being squashed by all these changes is certainly that you are generally alone when you reflect on them, so doing so together casts a whole new light on it”


Speciality Programmes

6 Week Special – Functional & Mobility Strength Progression Sessions (max12 ) rolling.

Strength is of peak importance to a woman in her 40s and beyond, for our hearts, belly fat and even our brains.  Join me for a 6 week Strength & Mobility progression programme focussing on key functional moves, multi plane mobility and power moves £60 including 6 x 45min sessions plus a copy of the session to repeat in your own time.  

As we get older we can become stiff as fascia & connective tissue becomes dehydrated.  Mobility work is essential to keep us flexible and supported, allowing us to access our strength potential.  Learning the correct form and then progressing our strength through a series of increased loads will improve performance in every day tasks as well as in running, walking and dancing and reduce your chance of injury, in addition to increasing and maintaining your bone and lean muscle mass – a big issue as we get older.  Strength training has also been shown to improve heart, brain health and hormone balance.


“I’ve enjoyed Anna’s cardio classes for some time but strength was completely alien. As always, Anna’s in-depth knowledge and ability to achieve results made this a must-do. From pushing weights to improving balance, this is a great compliment to a cardio class. I can see clear benefits and would recommend to anyone.” Beth

“I started Anna’s introduction to strength classes feeling pretty fit but conscious that I didn’t do any strength workouts.   The classes really focused on getting good technique embedded which really makes it stand out from the ubiquitous online workout and was exactly what I was hoping for.  I have noticed a real difference in my strength and now find myself actually choosing to add a bit of strength work onto the end of my runs or HIIT sessions.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there’s going to be an intermediate class starting so that I can sign up for that too!”  Gen



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