Stacey is an entrepreneur, salon owner and educator, & fantastic with hair, both style and colour.  Whilst she is not a 40s woman quite yet (& she has a good few years to go!) she knows A LOT about hair and is at the forefront of all things style. Below she gives us her top tips for the 40s Woman hair as, like everything else at this age, our hair is changing, just a little bit…

Why does our hair change as we get older?

As we get older, the first thing to go in hair is the pigment. Ultimately gray hair is pigmentless hair. It can also become thick and coarse and this is all linked to moisture retention. As we age, our hormones stop producing keratin & so our hair becomes more brittle. Also our blood flow drops to the less important areas including some parts of our head, but still gets to the areas that need protecting, hence why hair recedes from the temple, not the back which is a sensitive area. So it’s a mix of age and hormones. And, like knicker elastic – it becomes more brittle as we wash more and more.  

How does stress affect your hair?

Stress can speed up the failing of the production of all of the non vital things that your body needs. One being pigment in your hair or hair moisture.  This can lead to hair loss.  

Stacey’s Top Tips:

  • Drink plenty of water – keep the hydration up and it will keep your hair growing well
  • Eat lots of plants and veggies – good hair grown need biotin and vitamin b, d, and a
  • Brush your hair every morning and night from root to tip. Your hair will produce all the oils it needs, so if you brush from root to tip, it will cover your hair with the oils
  • Massage your scalp well – but even the stimulation of your brush is good for good flow
  • Don’t overwash as it will strip the oils and then your body will overcompensate by overproducing sebum. Ideally aim for every 3rd day.  The less the better!
  • Product wise – make sure that you’re using something that is hydrating especially if chemically processed  
  • Stacey’s favourite brands – Wella Professionals, Ouidad (curly hair), WeDo/ (good for sustainability/activist brand and good balance of all the nutrients) 
  • Regime – find out what works best for your hair.  Find someone who knows which ranges are good for your hair type

And finally…

  • Rather than hiding the grey, look to embrace the natural sparkles. Find a colourist that can help add the shine and blend the greys so you don’t get the skunk look
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