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The average age of menopause, the moment when we haven’t had a period for a year, is 51 in the UK. But, the 5-7 years leading up to this moment is when we can experience the biggest changes as our sex hormone ratios can start to change – in fact we can experience changes from as early as our late 30s. So supporting our bodies from our 40s and 50s is such a powerful way to take control of how our bodies and brains work now, and for the rest of our lives!

I established the 40s Woman in 2019 after studying with Burrell Education and was astonished by all the changes we can go through at this age, which, apart from the hot flushes, I knew nothing about. I wanted to share all the research and information and therefore founded 40s Woman to share both the changes but most importantly the positive additions and small adaptations we can make to support our bodies. If you’d like to see more on what is on offer both as an individual but also as a company contact me here for details.

Experiences vary between woman – some experience nothing. Others can experience every single one of the 34 symptoms listed on the NHS website (although I can count more). It can also be hard to say if you’re officially perimenopausal yet – there’s no one off 100% accurate blood test during the perimenopausal years as our hormones fluctuate so much. But, regardless of whether you are perimenopausal or not, physical changes will start to happen. In fact, with our sex hormones declining from our mid 30s and our bodies ageing, changes can be happening without us even knowing.  Our bone, brain and heart health may decline, belly fat increase, lean muscle mass reduce and in turn our metabolic rate slow. Dr Lisa Mosconi, neuroscientist states  “Our lifestyle in midlife can predict how we age”  So to protect ourselves now and in the future, knowledge about lifestyle updates are so important.

Tracking our cycles so that we know when changes are happening is a key step to take.  But also learning what to do to feel better, influence how our bodies and brain age, and therefore live a more fulfilling life is pretty empowering. And whilst I for one do not want to feel like I’m living a life of deprivation, knowing some of the positive swaps and lifestyle updates available can allow us to make informed decisions and take control of how we eat, move and live.

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If you are anxious about any changes it is always important to consult your GP.  But if you’d like to know more about everything from HRT to strength training subscribe to the newsletters, join the Facebook group, see the blogs.  Also I run webinars and courses throughout the year both live and on zoom – see programme and events, 40s Woman and Beyond Corporate Packages 

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