Anna Black portrait

Personal Trainer and Perimenopause Coach

Following a career in contracting within the travel industry, I took a career break in 2013 to have children. Having always loved exercise, I then studied with the American Council of Exercise (ACE) whilst living in Singapore, and on returning to the UK worked as a Personal Trainer for a number of years, which I continue to do today.

In 2019, after seeing that neither my body, or those of my clients,  was responding in the way they always had, I studied & certified in “3rd Age Menopause” with Burrell Education, and then with Dr Stacy Sims in “Menopause 2.0”, learning about all the changes we go through from our mid 30s onwards, and most importantly all the amazing things we can do to take control. I was so excited to share this information that I set up 40s Woman (now 40s Woman and Beyond) in 2019.

From January 2020 I have run a number of 40s Woman events including zoom sessions, in person workshops, weekly courses and a Day Retreat as well as producing quarterly newsletters celebrating women in midlife! I love researching, learning and sharing this information as well as  generally empowering women who are so full of wisdom, knowledge and determination!

My approach has always been about looking at what we currently do and seeing how we can adapt that to suit our bodies now, as well as filling our lives with daily joys. It’s not about living a life of deprivation. I am so excited about the future now that this has become a topic of conversation, not a taboo subject, and am loving talking to communities, companies, individuals and magazines about how we can manage the transition of this age and beyond, feeling in control, empowered and our best ever.

Qualifications include: Personal Training with American Council on Exercise, certification on 3rd Age Woman with Burrell Education, Menopause 2.0 with Dr Stacy Sims, Fitness Pilates and CPD courses covering (amongst others) Kettlebells, group exercising, breathing, strength, suspension training