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Thrive in 3

A 3 month programme that does the thinking for you!

Is your normal exercise not working for you anymore? Do you not know where to start, have no energy, or simply need some support?

Then “The 40s Woman & Beyond Monthly Movement Programme” is for you! A 3 month programme where I provide the exercise you need to do in a week (it’s less than you think!) and get you into a routine that can carry you through these changing years and beyond! And I am there to support and encourage you along the way. 

You do not need to spend hours exercising any more! You can still include those runs/swims/walks that may be so important to how you feel, but switching them up (or down) a little can make all the difference to the positive results. And if you’ve been forcing yourself to do hours of cardio, great news! This isn’t needed any more. Reviews from previous/current clients include “renewed focus”, “great habits”, “consistency” and “energy”.

Ultimately we need to include Variety, Challenge and Rest

What will the package include?

The 40s Woman & Beyond Thrive in 3” will include: 

  • Regular support from your Personal Trainer (me)
  • 1 x 45 minute 1-2-1 in person or on zoom each month to check strength form and answer any questions
  • Weekly prerecorded sessions including:
    • HIIT (high intensity interval training)
    • SIT (Sprint Interval Training)* a shorter, version of HIIT
    • Strength – progressing from Base and Build in month 1, through to Strength and Power in month 2 and 3
  • Advice on when to fit in the sessions, where to combine sessions and when to simply adapt what you already do to incorporate the below – it’s not necessarily a full movement overhaul
  • A weekly template form provided to help plan when you will complete these sessions & when you have completed them to provide accountability (optional)
  • Guest pieces including nutritious recipes to fuel your exercise, a fabulous yoga mobility class and breathing to support your well being and support your body
  • All prerecorded workouts will be available for you to repeat for 6 months after your initial sign up

More Detail on the Weekly exercise sessions

  • 1 x 20-30 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) online session
  • *1 x 4 – 16 minute SIT (Sprint Interval Session) session. This will be discussed and in written form for you to complete in your own time. The duration will depends on your fitness level
  • 2 x 20 minute online Strength Sessions including key moves essential for women

The length of sessions may vary slightly and are prerecorded for you to include when best suits you. All pre recorded sessions will be available to repeat for 6 months from when you first sign up

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Pricing – £120* per month or £320* for the 3 month programme

1 — Follow the link below and complete the form which will provide me with the information I need to ensure this programme is for you.
NB If when reviewing this form I think there is another product more suitable I will be in touch and immediately issue a full refund where necessary.

2 — Reserve your place in the main Booking Section (the link below takes you directly to the relevant page).

*payable in advance. NB if you would like to pay for the 3 month programme in one go, this will need to be paid directly to me, not on the booking button. Please contact me on

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Logistics and Ts and Cs

  • Each programme will launch the first Sunday of each month, and 4 emails will be sent on each consecutive Sunday.
  • The programme is designed so that you complete each session once a week, with 2 days of rest (mobility/stretching can be included on the rest days). If you already run with a friend, dog walk, garden, go to a circuit class, this of course can be continued if you enjoy it. It may be used as an extra workout or you may adjust this activity to include some of the monthly programme within the activity e.g. include some sprint intervals within the run with your friend. I am happy to discuss this further.
  • The 45 minute 121 can be between 9 – 4.30pm Monday – Friday subject to availability. Some Saturday mornings available. Session will be pre booked and in person sessions will be in my private gym
  • There will be typically one guest piece a month
  • No pro rata is available
  • Minimum sign up 1 month and limited spaces available
  • Cooling off period available – full refund (excluding paypal 3.5% charge) available 3 days after initial launch date at the beginning of the initial/first month

Who is this for?

This is for you if you are:

  • 35 – 55 years (or older if you’re pretty sprightly!)
  • You need an update/reset as exercise isn’t working for you anymore
  • You need some form of focus, accountability and support
  • You need a routine
  • You have no energy
  • You’re just not sure what exercise to do anymore, so you do just cardio, or nothing at all
  • You have a monthly gym membership that you never use
  • You do a weekly run/cycle/walk/dance/swim but nothing else and are finding you’re not feeling like you were
  • You feel you need to include strength but don’t know where to start (everyone needs to include strength at this age 🙂)
  • I will offer progressions or easier adaptations of moves in both the HIIT and the strength sections

This is not for you if:

  • You are a professional athlete
  • You are a complete beginner to any form of deliberate exercise – I have a few 121 spaces available at the moment and this might be more suitable for you
  • You have any contraindications (e.g. bad back, serious pelvic floor issues) to exercise (please feel free to contact me to discuss this)


“This programme got me back on track when I was feeling at a loss about how to exercise in my 40s. It provided structure, focus and development but at a good pace so I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it. The length of exercises are also perfect to fit into busy days. I feel stronger, fitter, more energised and my skin is better.” Lou

“This programme has allowed me to think “what exercise makes me feel good and works for me now” and that is so much more motivating than simply focussing on weight loss. My consistency even 3 months after my programme finished is so much better than ever before” Adele

Equipment needed:

  • A mat
  • Fitness clothes including trainers (not fashion trainers)
  • Weights – Initially body weight will be enough. However, as you progress you will need some weights. This will depend on your strength and experience – I am happy to discuss this with you pre sign up.
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