Gym and park sessions

Training Sessions

Whatever your aspirations or experience there will be something that suits you.  If you’re looking for the social as well as physical aspect a group could be perfect whereas if you need flexibility and focus then smaller sessions or one to ones may be better.

Drop me a line or phone to discuss your requirements – the first personal training taster session is always complimentary whilst we work out what is best for your aims and level.

NB Please note I currently have a very small amount of availability for PT training sessions daytime only. Check out The 40s W&B Monthly Movement Programme below for more flexible training

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Individual Personal Training

Bespoke training targeting personal goals.

Mon – Fri.  Early/pre work sessions available
(not weekends)

£40 a week for 45 minute session as a block of 4. One off including exercise plan £50.

Training in private gym (located in my garden).  Own mat needed.  £5 surcharge if travel outside Hitchin.

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Strength Group Sessions

A 6 week online course with weekly 45 minute sessions plus a copy of the lesson to repeat in your own time.  Includes key mobility, strength and power moves, enabling you to access your potential and allowing your body to continue doing the things it loves, from dancing to running. Also essential for bone, muscle, and heart health as we move through our 40s as well as proven to be important for brain health

Mondays 9.15am & 7.15pm, runs each half term



Anna Black and Gen

The 40s W&B Monthly Movement Programme

As we get older traditional methods of exercise are not adequate for maintaining or improving our bone, muscle or overall body composition. And these are the three that are most affected by our changing hormones. Instead, regardless of whether we take HRT or not, we need to include movement that provides the impetus our sex hormones used to – affecting everything from insulin sensitivity to lean muscle mass growth linked to belly fat and type 2 diabetes. But we also need to allow our bodies to recover and respond to this movement stress.

We need to include Variety, Challenge and Rest.

The 40s W&B Monthly Movement Programme will include weekly online YouTube videos, 121 support and planning covering the 4 key basis needed at this age – Intensity, Strength, Recovery – plus monthly guest speakers on nutrition & mobility.

When: Weekly programme to be done in your own time.  For more info see here

Cost: £120 per week

Coaching Sessions

Whatever your aspirations or experience there will be something that suits you.  121s, group strength sessions or more holistic and lifestyle coaching, see “training sessions” under Sessions and Programmes, or Programmes and Events under The 40s Woman. All sessions below currently need to be booked via me – email me at for more information

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