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Most of my clients come to me through recommendation and word of mouth. Here are some comments and kind words from people who have enjoyed and benefitted from their sessions with me.


I am an exercise avoider. Always have been. But having attended Anna’s workshop on the changes going in my body through my 40s, I realised that I have to support my body through this decade so it can continue to support me through the next few (hopefully)! Anna’s strength classes brilliantly cater for all levels. And she cleverly and quickly adapts moves to suit everyone’s abilities. I can feel the positive changes in my body and it’s capabilities. And the satisfaction from that is immense.

- Josephine

Anna has been my PT for over 5 years now and I still look forward to my weekly session as much as when I first started. Anna keeps the sessions up to date, focussed, fun and hard. She tailors them to your current needs, whether that is training for a half marathon or wanting to build core strength. Anna’s knowledge is immense and I absolutely trust her to keep me fit and healthy. Hopefully for many years to come! Anyone that trains with Anna will never look back! 100% recommend.

- Laura

I have been doing Anna’s strength and mobility class for a year and have absolutely love it. I joined as I was frequently getting injured running and noticed that my body wasn’t as strong as it used to be. The classes encompass exercises working core, glutes and upper body (other muscle groups included!) and change each week. We also receive a recording of the lesson which we do as homework. Her instruction is clear and memorable…’shoulders in my back pocket’ has becomes my mantra! I have really noticed a difference when I run and move. I am stronger and less unstable on my feet. I look forward to my class and having it on zoom makes it easily accessible. Anna is also very personable, knowledgeable, and supportive of her clients. Highly recommend👍!

- Nicole

Anna Black PT is really something different  She stands out in a sea of similar PT classes and a world of conflicting advice.  Anna has a talent for giving personalised, well-researched and achievable advice.  She turned my vague and growing list of health disappointments into enjoyable and attainable goals and has given me keys to unlocking a happy and healthier physical and mental future.  She knows her clients.  I can’t recommend her enough for a lifestyle reset.

- Anna S

Anna and Gen have changed my life! I have been in the same cycle for so many years, and I have tried many different ways to get fit and lose weight, always starting so positively, thinking this is going to be the one; calorie counting, slimming clubs, intermittent fasting, no carbs, reduced carbs, online PT, gym classes, body transformation courses, bootcamp, online apps (free and subscription), meals delivered, I even signed up to the London Marathon! I have had varying levels of success, but not one has been sustainable for me. Then I met Anna and Gen. They are the perfect combination – supportive & motivating, knowledgeable & passionate, understanding, & non-judgemental. They listen and really get to know you as an individual, helping you then to embed the right choices and changes that can work for your life. Working with them has been both enlightening and empowering, understanding the changes in my mind and body and realising that what I was doing in my 20’s and 30’s to get fit and lose weight were not so applicable in my 40’s was a huge eye opener! Their approach has helped me to change my mindset and I feel I have won the golden ticket! Anna and Gen – you are amazing, and I can’t begin to thank you enough!


- Vicki

“Really loving the (strength) classes! The variety you bring is fantastic, plus educating us about the advantages of the exercises is really helpful and motivational” Liza

- Beth

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