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A 2022 cross party House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee report has highlighted that lack of support for women with menopausal symptoms in the workplace is pushing highly skilled and experienced people out of work. The Fawcett Society’s Menopause and the Workplace report showed that one in ten women who worked during the menopause have left a job due to their symptoms. With women over the age of 50 being the fastest growing segment of the workforce, this is an opportunity for forward thinking employers to retain and support their talent.

Understanding what they may experience both before and as it happens can help to reduce womens’ concerns, make constructive changes and feel positive about their future within the workforce. At ’40s Woman and Beyond’ Anna Black and her associates have developed 2 intro packages drawing from the latest research enabling company leaders to support their people agenda and create positive impact.

  • Navigating Perimenopause: A 60 minute Insight Session Explore the impact of physical changes during perimenopause and discover easy to incorporate ideas to support the perimenopausal body in this concise 60 minute session. Includes a follow up “menopause cafe” style session 3 minutes post event to continue the conversation. Price £1500
  • Menopause Awareness: A 45 Minute Awareness Session. An informative session designed to cultivate awareness, emphasising that menopause is a personal and varied experience, a next phase where understanding can have significant impact on a workforce. This session is run by Anna Black and can be customised for smaller groups such as Managers and Heads of Departments. Price £1500

Follow On Sessions

  • Thrive: An In-Depth Look at Change in your 40s and Beyond. 5 x 1 hour zoom sessions. A deeper look into the science, research, changes and ultimately the life updates women can make to support their bodies with movement, nutrition and lifestyle to thrive in the workplace

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Feedback from previous events

By Camden Council recognising the need for this kind of information and putting the support in place has made me feel recognised and valued as an employee.”
— RC

I am loving and really appreciating everything Anna is sharing with us. I’m a science gal, and everything … is so evidence based and current… Knowledge is power, and Anna is giving us such good knowledge!
— Catherine, 2021, Empowered to Nourish course member.

Fantastic event! I learned loads with practical tips I can implement straight away, thank you!
— SG

The feedback from Anna’s sessions has been fantastic! Her approach and knowledge together with take away action points have been accessible and easy to understand. If you’re looking for someone to help with perimenopause & menopause support within your company, Anna is the perfect fit.
— EB, Camden Council.

Clients include

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