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I truly believe that feeling good makes you happy, and there is so much that we can do to feel good!

Movement is a cornerstone to feeling good and whatever your age it’s a vital way to help you live your best and most fulfilled life.  If you’re also feeling that your lifestyle is no longer achieving the results, mental and/or physical, it previously was, it may be time for some updates.  As a personal trainer I offer one to one personal training and group strength training.  I also established ’40s Woman and Beyond’ in 2019, hosting events and workshops sharing the latest up to date information and research on what is going on with our bodies and, most importantly, how we can support ourselves now and for the rest of our lives.

My approach is definitely about looking at what we currently do and seeing how we can adapt that to suit our bodies, as well as filling our lives with daily joys. Not living a life of deprivation.

The last year has been an exciting year so far especially with the discussion on menopause moving mainstream. As well as the online events, I have also joined with Genevieve Hallam (Nutrition Coach) to run some small group, relaxed events “40s Woman: Life Hacks.” We have also started going into forward thinking companies, running events and sharing how they can support their female workforce and how women can support themselves. With over 1 million women leaving work due to menopausal symptoms (found in a House of Commons cross party report), this is becoming such an important topic of conversation. See under The 40s Woman for more info on this.

For more information please see personal training, group strength (zoom) sessions, all info on  ’40s Woman and Beyond’, workshops, & corporate events. Also if you’d like to receive The 40s Woman newsletter please see the contact page.

“I am an exercise avoider. Always have been. But having attended Anna’s workshop on the changes going in my body through my 40s, I realised that I have to support my body through this decade so it can continue to support me through the next few (hopefully)! Anna’s strength classes brilliantly cater for all levels. And she cleverly and quickly adapts moves to suit everyone’s abilities. I can feel the positive changes in my body and it’s capabilities. And the satisfaction from that is immense..
– Josephine

Anna is an experienced PT who gets the results you are looking for. I can honestly say I’ve never looked or felt this good.
– Sarah

I’ve been going to one of Anna’s small group HIIT classes for 2 years now and 100% recommend them. I’ve noticed myself become stronger and having increased stamina Anna is very enthusiastic and encouraging and tailors her approach to personal needs. She’s fantastic!
– Emily

Anna has been my PT for 3 years now and it is the only form of exercise I have ever stuck to after plenty of different exercise classes and gyms over the years. I actually look forward to my weekly training sessions which are always the right mix of challenge and enjoyment.
– Jen

Anna is truly focussed on helping you reach your fitness goals and is fantastic at inspiring me to get stronger and fitter.
– Kim

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From individual, bespoke training to small group sessions, I’ll help you achieve your goals.
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Keep fit in the comfort of your own home! Due to popular demand I’ve been asked to provide live online video sessions.
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Read comments from people who have benefitted from the training and can see and feel a real difference in themselves. It can really work!
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