Endocrine disruptors can mimic hormones, taking their place and stopping the real hormones from doing their job.  During our transitional 40s, we need our hormones to be able to do what they are supposed to be doing, within the constraints of the perimenopause. These years can be bumpy so doing what we can to help smooth that rollercoaster can only be positive. But it’s all about the small steps, focussing on some of the smaller changes – it’s a case of “don’t freak out, phase out” (Alexx Stuart “Go Low Tox”). 

BPAs – these can modulate the amount of oestrogen we produce which can result in oestrogen dominance. The key way to reduce our consumption of BPAs is to ditch products that come in soft plastic packaging and try to say no to the coffee cup lid for your take away drinks.  (NB research is now indicating that the replacement for BPA used by many manufacturers, BPS is just as problematic as BPA) 

Phthalates – again, shown to alter oestrogen levels leading to hormone imbalance and dominance. Found in fragrances (if the ingredients use the word fragrance it probably contains phthalates), nail polish, pesticides.  Try: essential oils, nail polishes such as Benecos, organic foods. NB for transparency I should admit I’m definitely not removing all of these, but am starting to gradually replace 

Foaming – this is a big one for my family.  Many of us associate a good lather with cleanliness, but actually to enable the lather to happen, foaming agents known as SLS and SLES are added to products.  These create foam and can dry out your skin.  So if you have a good lather, you can in turn get dry skin, resulting in having to buy moisturiser to then nourish the dry skin created by using the original product (see newsletter competition to be in with a chance to win some SLS free body wash).

So, it’s going for the small gradual changes. It’s not changing everything in one day but starting to gradually swap out some of your typical products with products such as Ecover and Dr Bronner.  I’ve started to swap out my soap and washing liquid plus my plastic bottles and packed lunch boxes. Small steps, with positive effects both for ourselves, and of course, our planet.  It’s a win win!




“Go Low Tox” by Alexx Stuart



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