Was working in health and fitness something you always wanted to do?

Yes pretty much, I have always done it since finishing university, sport was so life changing for me and I wanted to be able to help others experience that. 

How did you originally get into it?  My first taste for it was when I was rowing at university, I was vice captain in my third year which meant I got to help coach the novices, that was the experience that made me want to do it as a job – watching and supporting people on the journey of their own self-discovery in terms of movement is magical!

What happened with your career in your 20s and then your 30s? Both were fitness, so I have been in fitness for 18 years now.  

What’s your typical day?  They’re all pretty different, but I feel very lucky that I get to drop off and pick up my little ones from school and nursery, between my husband and I.  In and around that, I do a little PT, run a lot of trainer education initiatives and try and keep on top of my own education and learning. 

How does this compare with a typical day in your 20s – it’s less manic, that’s for sure, I think I was more tired and worked harder before I had kids as I used to work all the hours – now I refuse to because I won’t get the time back with them. 

What is a career highlight? One is probably bringing trainer education to India with Nike, it was pretty special, and the Nike India team are still some of the best trainers I know! 

Do you find it easier or harder now that you are in your 40s to do your job? Easier, I take less shit and know who I am more! 

Have your ambitions/aspirations changed? I have a vision that the fitness industry will be a different place and space in 20 years time and that still holds strong! 

What next for you?  Keep doing what I’m doing!! 


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