Jenny Soydanyavas had a career working with skincare, but having listened to the problems her friends had finding skincare to suit their 40s and beyond skin, she decided to do something about it and develop her own products!


Why did you decide to launch your own brand? 

I listened to my friends and their skin concerns that maybe were not met. I wanted to offer an option to single ingredient brands and products, a complete minimal skincare ritual that would save time, money and the environment. I want to help women with problematic adult skin gain back a balanced glowing complexion!

I found that often we can prevent and minimise the effects of premature ageing and hormonal fluctuations if the skin is cared for the right way and the skin’s own barrier works and isn’t compromised. That’s why I wanted to design products that help strengthening and balancing the skin barrier, as that will result in more glowing, youthful looking skin.

Is your background in skincare?

I have studied organic skincare formulation and also previously ran a skincare e-commerce selling skincare products from Nordic brands here in the UK.

What does the brand include?

My brand includes three skincare products that together form a minimal skincare ritual. Our Smooth Oil to Milk Cleanser cleans off any grime, make up and SPF very effortlessly, without compromising the skin barrier. The Rehydrate and Balance Beauty Essence deeply hydrates and balances tha skin and Glow and Revitalise Oil Serum  to seal it all in and moisturise the skin.

What do the products include?

I have three products in the range, all formulated with organic and natural ingredients.

The cleanser features ingredients like Camellia oil that very gently lifts dirt from the pores, and Nordic Oat lipid that helps protect the skin barrier.

The essence will hydrate, balance and plump the skin, but also prevent any breakouts on the skin, help even the skintone and minimize the appearance of the pores, thanks to niacinamide. Arctic lingonberry offers antioxidant protection to prevent any further signs of premature ageing and Nordic fermented oat extract offers the skin pre-, pro- and postbiotics to hydrate and balance the skin’s barrier.

The  serum, on the other hand is a beautiful blend of 11  light skin-nourishing organic plant oils such as squalane, rosehip seed, and camellia to offer the skin balanced essential fatty acid r hydration. Accompanied with powerful antioxidants of Arctic blackcurrant, cranberry and ceramide- rich Nordic oat lipid this serum leaves skin feeling soft, content and glowing.

Why do we need to use different products on our skin in our 40s+?

As we age the skin starts losing its elasticity and producing less collagen. It also starts lacking water and the cell turnover slows down. All this may cause dryness, dullness, extra wrinkles and lines. Hormonal changes will also affect the skin and it might get more prone to breakouts. This is why it’s important to start paying more attention to the products you use so that we are not making the issues bigger but helping the skin to stay hydrated and protected.

What are your top 3 tips for skin care ?

My top tips would be, firstly to stay staying consistent with skincare, as products take time to show results.

Secondly keeping the skincare routine simple with just a few products. The most important things to include in any skincare routine are a gentle cleanser that supports healthy skin barrier, lots of hydration and moisture.

The third tip would be regular face massage (either self-massage or in a beauty salon) as that can visibly improve the skin, help skincare products to absorb better and fade away signs of ageing.

If we’re investing in skin care, where should we focus on spending our money?

I would be looking at products that are formulated with good quality ingredients, such as organic pure plant oils that can deliver an array of benefits to the skin. Organic options are also better for the environment. I would look for a few products that work well on the skin and target the skin concerns you have. I’m repeating myself, but a gentle cleanser, a mist or essence that contains hydrating ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin and antioxidants combined with a good quality organic face oil will take you a long way.

Is it worth having regular facials?

I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary, but can definitely be beneficial! And I’m always pro self care (-:

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