Being in your 40’s doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun vibrant wardrobe and finding outfits that make you feel fabulous is key to a happy positive you.

There’s also no such thing as a ‘type of fashion for older women’.  You can create your own look and feel stylish.  The key is adapting seasonal trends that work for you and creating an individual style will give you the confidence to shine.

My key wardrobe essentials:

  • Every wardrobe needs staple items, invest in a good pair of jeans, an ageless piece that can be styled with anything.
  • A trench coat – a timeless piece.
  • A beautiful dress that fits perfectly.
  • A blazer – great with denim and over a dress.
  • Cool trainers – stylish and comfy.
  • Fun heels – a bright colour will make you feel amazing.

Key Boutiques to check out:

My final thoughts – Clothes always look best if they fit you perfectly, and finding that one key piece can make you feel wonderful!  And remember you’re never too old to throw on some leopard!

If you need help in finding fashion that fits your lifestyle, need help to revamp your wardrobe and would like some style advice then get in touch.

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