Q&A on all things 40s Makeup with Madeleine Spencer, Beauty Journalist, Podcaster and Award Winning Blogger

A – Do we need to update our make up as we move through our 40s due to skin changing/hormones changing? M – I’m always wary of saying anyone ’needs’ to do anything, but your face will change as you advance in years, and if you want your make-up to look modern, I would say reconsidering application techniques and products every few years is a good move

A – Does this include products such as mascara? M – Lashes can become sparser as one ages, so if your usual starts to feel like it isn’t quite working, you might want to switch to a smaller want that can really grab and target the roots of lashes.  DHC Double Pro or Or Glossier Lash Slick. For a tiny tiny wand, Clinique bottom Lash Mascara

A – What are the main products we should invest in? M – I always suggest people invest in the products they use and love the most, but as a rule of thumb, whatever goes on your skin is worth getting right. That doesn’t mean it has to be spendy, but if the one for you costs a bit more, I’d put money there over on, say, an eyebrow pencil 

A – Is expensive better? M – Not necessarily. A lot of products are made in the same factories and there is a trickle down of tech and advances, and sometimes the expense in an expensive product will go into the packaging. That said, brands like Hourglass and Tom Ford make premium products that I think are well worth the spend 

A – Are there any brands you highly recommend? M – Again, Hourglass and Tom Ford are great all rounders. I love Laura Mercier for skin, and Suqqu and Cle de Peau for more costly but beautifully made products. Surratt is also well worth buying into

A – What is BB and CC cream about? M – The difference is now inconsequential – the terms originated from Beauty Balm and Colour Corrector, but they’re mostly used interchangeably now and basically denote a product offering some coverage with a skincare element

A – What is Primer and do we need it? M – Primer isn’t a necessity but SPF is. I usually recommend people find an SPF they love the finish of and just do that. Though if after a blurring primer: Shiseido. For backlit glow: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter 

A – Foundation v tinted moisturiser? M – This is another marketing term thing that speaks only of level of coverage. Nowadays there is too much crossover to really pay any attention to either label

A – Eye make up?  Should we go there, does it just wrinkle?  Are we too old for the smokey eye?  M – NOBODY is too old for a smokey eye. They look great at all ages. The key is to find the product that’s the right consistency and wears in well on you. Wrinkles don’t have to inhibit make-up style – just get some decent brushes, blend away, and enjoy!

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