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Are you feeling shattered with moods swinging all over the place and finding that your old lifestyle isn’t working so well for you anymore, either mentally or physically?  This is a true sign of a changing body and it can be a surprise to find out it’s not just when we’re “little old ladies” that things change.  If you want to find out more about what is going on and what we can do why not check out the blogs below and I’d love you to join my private Facebook group “The 40s Woman” where we discuss all things topical to our changing bodies – from perimenopause to nutritious recipes.  There are monthly newsletters (see below to subscribe) and why not take a look at the webinars and programmes on offer (see “Programme and Events”).  Do get in touch if you have any questions

If you’d like to learn more about some of the changes happening, understand your options from HRT to strength training, and find what works for you, carry on reading.  I’m passionate about sharing the most up to date information but do get in touch if you have any questions and sign up for the monthly newsletters.

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The 40s Liver

Liver Whilst I’m not into detoxing, supporting your liver daily is such an important way we can help to balance our hormones and feel better. The liver is where hormones are metabolised, nutrients from food are made usable & toxins are made harmless. The liver is...

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Changing Periods

Changing Periods  Whilst talking about hot flushes is becoming less taboo, discussing heavy periods, or telling anyone about a “supersoaker event” as described by Canadian gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter is a whole different level of sharing.  But heavy periods are...

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The Beef about Protein, featuring Marie Hick

Protein - one of the most missed macro nutrients of all.  “Everyone is individual, but having a quarter of your plate with protein is a good start.  Protein is the very building block of our body.  If we don't eat enough our body may steal from muscle or bone. As a...

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Someone to Celebrate (Series) – Saskia Schuster

Saskia Schuster is Head of Scripted at Fulwell 73, James Corden's production company.  Following a successful career with major broadcasters and production companies alike, she also founded and focusses on Comedy 50:50, addressing gender imbalance in the industry and...

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The Stress Cycle

Stress is good.  It brings about change. And our bodies are actually pretty resilient to stress.  But if the stress hormones produced have nowhere to go, or if you’re constantly producing cortisol or adrenaline, then stress can start to become damaging, both mentally...

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Melissa Hemsley Competition

Win Melissa Hemsley's newest book "Eat Green" by answering the question below. The "Time to Shine" programme, taking place in October (details under programme and events) will feature which nutritionist: Greg Wallace Anthony Worrall Thompson (where has he got to?)...

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Top 4 Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips  from Pamela Marshall Pamela Marshall is the founder of Mortar and Milk and a skin guru.  I spoke with her earlier in the year to get her thoughts on 40’s Skincare, what we should be buying and the best way of looking after our ageing skin.  And the joy...

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The 40s Woman Brain

The brain is the epicentre of our bodies and determines how we feel, think and act.  But as we get older we can go through cognitive decline, the brain gets more tangled, the blood brain barrier gets thinner, and results can vary from brain fog, anxiety, stress to...

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