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Are you feeling shattered with moods swinging all over the place and finding that your old lifestyle isn’t working so well for you anymore, either mentally or physically?  This is a true sign of a changing body and it can be a surprise to find out it’s not just when we’re “little old ladies” that things change.  If you want to find out more about what is going on and what we can do why not check out the blogs below and I’d love you to join my private Facebook group “The 40s Woman” where we discuss all things topical to our changing bodies – from perimenopause to nutritious recipes.  There are monthly newsletters (see below to subscribe) and why not take a look at the webinars and programmes on offer (see “Programme and Events”).  Do get in touch if you have any questions

If you’d like to learn more about some of the changes happening, understand your options from HRT to strength training, and find what works for you, carry on reading.  I’m passionate about sharing the most up to date information but do get in touch if you have any questions and sign up for the monthly newsletters.

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“Something New” with Jenny Soydanyavas

Jenny Soydanyavas had a career working with skincare, but having listened to the problems her friends had finding skincare to suit their 40s and beyond skin, she decided to do something about it and develop her own products!   Why did you decide to launch your...

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“Someone to Celebrate” Corin Robertson

Corin Robertson is one of only 9 Director Generals in the FCDO. She is a also a rare combination of immense intelligence and approachability. To hear more about how she's balanced a demanding job heading up the Counter Terrorism Dept, hosting politicians alongside a...

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Sticky Salmon Noodle Traybake (recipe)

Sticky Salmon Noodle Traybake as featured in "Dominique's Kitchen" "An easy, tasty dinner for those days when you don’t fancy 'cooking'" Preparation time: 10 minutes.  Cooking time: 20 minutes.  Serves 2. Ingredients: For the sauce 6tbsp sweet chilli sauce 3 tbsp...

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The Parent Trap by Life Coach Kate Blake McGrath

Another school year, your children have learned a lot and it is time for a break. Thesummer holidays lie ahead. Some people embrace the change and let term time patternsand routines have a holiday too. Late breakfasts, less tidying, more being outside. Somepeople will...

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Go Low Tox?

Endocrine disruptors can mimic hormones, taking their place and stopping the real hormones from doing their job.  During our transitional 40s, we need our hormones to be able to do what they are supposed to be doing, within the constraints of the perimenopause. These...

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40’s Hair – with Stacey Orro

Stacey is an entrepreneur, salon owner and educator, & fantastic with hair, both style and colour.  Whilst she is not a 40s woman quite yet (& she has a good few years to go!) she knows A LOT about hair and is at the forefront of all things style. Below she...

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Someone to Celebrate (Series) – Joslyn Thompson-Rule

Was working in health and fitness something you always wanted to do? Yes pretty much, I have always done it since finishing university, sport was so life changing for me and I wanted to be able to help others experience that.  How did you originally get into it?  My...

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